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Adapt to thrive

Working in partnership with you through our proven four-step approach, we'll set you up for transformation success, ensuring you maximise your return on investment. 


We’ll build a collective understanding of where you are today and the outcomes you want to achieve, developing a robust plan to get you there and making sure everything we deliver together drives you towards your goals. 

Our four-step approach to transformation:

Adaptive8 Approach Final v2.png
Image by Mediamodifier


Building a clear picture of your scope, priorities, challenges, risks and desired outcomes right from the outset to ensure you maximise your return on investment

Adaptive8 Discovery 1.png

We start with the outcome in mind

We work collaboratively with your leadership team to understand your strategic company goals and key performance indicators, establishing exactly where you are in terms of execution

We quickly build a picture of your requirements

Your business challenges are unique, so you need a unique solution for delivery. We immerse ourselves in your business to establish exactly what we need to deliver

We agree the right scope and priorities with you

By the end of Discovery, everyone is clear about what we want to achieve together. Prioritising properly and acting efficiently will drive return on investment and reduce waste and re-work

Image by Jess Bailey


Creating a Delivery Roadmap to successfully achieve your business goals...

We’ll create a roadmap for success, to take you from where you are today to where you want to be, whilst building in quick wins to drive real business benefit along the way.

Leveraging proven Target Operating Model (TOM) and process modelling techniques, we'll develop your personalised, prioritised, actionable program of work. We'll build out delivery workstreams for each of the five dimensions of the TOM to drive synergies and achieve your unique goals in each area:

Adaptive8 TOM 5 Dimensions Final.png
Image by Annie Spratt

During Planning
and Delivery

We'll develop your Resourcing Plan to create the right mix of talent and skills to drive your digital transformation

At the heart of our approach is the Build-Buy-Partner model to help you achieve the blended team you need to enhance your existing capabilities. We can support you with the evaluation and delivery of the resourcing plan to ensure projects are completed efficiently and on time, whilst retaining key talent and knowledge in the business to drive continuous improvement into the future. Our aim is to empower you and your team to be self-sufficient and ensure that we don’t out-stay our welcome!

Adaptive8 Build Buy Partner V2.png
Image by Damian Zaleski


Delivering on time, on budget and to your business requirements, by following a proven industry-standard Agile methodology 

We align and prioritise each project workstream to deliver the outcomes we’ve agreed together for your digital transformation through the five dimensions of your Target Operating Model, for example:

Adaptive8 TOM Detailed FINAL.png
Image by Robert Bye


Setting you up to adapt to future change and growth opportunities

Adaptive8’s Continuous Improvement phase ensures that change accountability is designed into the organisation and the results drive momentum, so that the entire team embraces the spirit of continuously evolving and improving.


The simple idea behind this phase is that a Target Operating Model is not static, but rather a living thing that must continuously evolve to:

Adaptive8 Continuous Improvement V2.png

This will set you up to be self-sufficient for future success by giving you a platform to scale your business and adapt to future change and growth opportunities

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