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People-centred, data-driven, technology-enabled solutions

We deliver specialist digital and Artificial Intelligence (AI) transformation services, designed to solve your particular challenges and achieve the business outcomes you're looking for, whether you're about to initiate a transformation programme, or you've already started and recognise you need some help. Adaptive8 is here for you.


Plus, we recognise that sometimes you need to fill a skillset gap in your current team, so we can help with that too - by offering expert resources and recruitment services to enhance your existing capabilities.

The Adaptive8 Service Offering

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Digital & AI Transformation

Working in partnership with you through our four-step approach, we'll set you up for transformation success, ensuring you maximise your return on investment.

We deliver first-class, people-centred, data-driven, technology-enabled solutions across these five dimensions:


Programme Management

To enable your transformation to succeed, Adaptive8 will partner with you to establish a programme leadership team who can drive outcomes, adapt to changing environments, and inspire your people to get behind the change.

Our programme management team is experienced in initiating new transformation programmes or in turn-around situations.

We deliver programme management services across the entire programme lifecycle: 

  • Strategic & Financial Planning KPIs

  • Business Case Development

  • Programme Set-up and Mobilisation

  • Programme, Project and System Audit

  • Programme Management Office (PMO)

  • Project Leadership and Management

  • Implementation, Cutover, Hypercare and Handover to Business-as-Usual

  • Business Adoption

  • Benefits Realisation


Change Management, Communications & Training

As your organisation continuously evolves, your people need to be informed, engaged and inspired. Our change management approach will enable your people to navigate change proactively, driving adoption and achieving sustainable and measurable results.

We’ll partner with your global and local change leadership, helping to build trust and engagement by setting clear expectations about their roles from the outset and enabling them to actively embrace and lead change across the organisation.

We deliver change management services across the programme lifecycle and into business as usual: 

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Change Impact & Readiness Assessment

  • Change Management, Communications & Training Strategy

  • Change Management, Communications & Training Delivery

  • End User Adoption Measurement


Process Optimisation & Customer Experience

To ensure your transformation delivers your desired customer experience outcomes, the customer journey needs to be mapped ‘outside-in’ and used to inform your Target Operating Model process design.

Our process design team are experienced at facilitating customer journey mapping and using that to drive out the detailed process model and supporting organisational design.

We deliver process and organisational design services to underpin your transformation: 

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Customer Key Performance Indicators

  • Customer Service Level Agreements

  • Target Operating Model Process Mapping 

  • Organisational Design to Support TOM Processes

  • Operating Level Agreements

  • Standard Operating Procedures


Enterprise Data Management, Analytics, AI

Adaptive8 will partner with you to harness the power of your data and unlock new capabilities that will act as a key differentiator for your business.

Our data experts will ensure you can master, manage and integrate your data to drive consistent, high-quality information across the organisation. This will provide the foundation to build out your analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities, to enable you and your leaders to make better data-driven decisions.

We deliver data management services across the enterprise: 

  • Data Management Strategy Development

  • Data Governance, Storage and Security Mobilisation 

  • Data Lifecycle Management and Operations Best Practice Deployment

  • Data Quality & Data Integration

  • Reporting & Analytics Design and Delivery Model Creation

  • Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Capability Assessment


Technology Strategy & Architecture, Enterprise Technology Management, Cyber Security

To ensure your technology is enabling your business outcomes, it’s crucial that your technology strategy aligns with your business strategy.

A successful enterprise technology strategy and architecture spans infrastructure, networking, applications, systems and security and requires a carefully selected blend of products and vendors to deliver strategic capabilities and cost efficiencies, whilst supporting your evolving business.

Our technical advisors have experience of designing, developing and delivering industry-standard, best-of-breed cloud platforms, such as Salesforce, SAP and Informatica:

  • Technology Strategy & Roadmap

  • Architectural Design Principles

  • Technology Portfolio Analysis

  • Product and Vendor Selection, Implementation & Management

  • Technology & Security Maturity Assessment

  • Cyber Security Services Delivery and DevSecOps Review inc SOC/SIEM

  • Systems Configuration and Standards


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transformation

The AI landscape is complex and difficult to navigate, but it’s an essential next step in your business’s transformation journey if you wish to remain competitive and innovative.

Our experienced team will help you find your way through the AI landscape, enabling you to unlock the full potential of AI for your business.

AI is transforming the way we work, with organisations reaping the benefits of increased productivity and efficiency, improved decision-making, and an enhanced ability to innovate. However, many companies are struggling to understand which AI solutions to choose and how to implement them effectively to maximise the benefit for their business. 

AI transformation isn’t just about adopting the latest technology. It’s about ensuring your organisation is set up for success, which could mean a fundamental rethink about how your processes and data are managed to enable you to navigate your AI journey.

Our team has decades of experience building the foundations for successful AI; from selecting the right solution for your business and making sure your business is ready for AI, to identifying the skills you’ll need and helping employees embrace new ways of working. We can help you unlock the potential of AI for your business, leveraging Adaptive8’s AI blueprint to accelerate your AI transformation.


Specialist Recruitment

Through our strong network of talented experts and our capability to recruit from the market, we'll enhance your existing team's skillset to deliver the results you need right now. We have hands-on experience of the roles you're looking to recruit, which puts us in a unique position to assess, interview and place the right person for the job, at the right time. 

There are times when you need to enhance your existing team with specialist skills, without engaging in a larger project. Through our Build-Buy-Partner model, we can help you to find the right people to solve the right problem – whether that’s permanent, temporary or third-party resource.

Through our network, we have access to extensive specialist product knowledge of industry-standard platforms, such as Salesforce, MuleSoft, Viewpoint, SAP and Informatica, and more. We can also provide expertise in enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, PaaS, SaaS and Cyber Security.

Our expert resources come with our Adaptive8 seal of approval, so you can be assured that the people joining your team are of the highest calibre.

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